Children's Church

It is the purpose of the ZBBC Children Church Ministry to prepare children 12 and under to be good stewarts of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. To prepare them to hear the word, learn the word, to believe the word and to live by the word while preparing them to be fruitful members of the church. We furture purpose to prepare them for worship services, to be active in the community, and to be an active citizens. Sister Gloria Thompson zbbc.c_church@yahoo.com

Children's Ministry

The mission of the Children's Ministry is to introduce children to Jesus Christ. Proverbs 22:6 - "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it."

Sister April Griffin

Church Anniversary Ministry

Constructs and arranges the celebration of the church's historical events.

Deacon Frank Jones

Constitution & By-Laws Ministry

The Constitution and By-Laws Ministry of Zion Benevolent Baptist Church is called to proclaim Christ through our efforts to maintain order and direction to the church family. 1 Corinthians 14:40

This ministry shall establish a set of rules and regulations by which the church body is to be governed. Amendments shall be made when warrant. The Bible was given as a guide and an inspiration from God that is useful to teach us what is true and false within seasons. However, a member shall realize in the course of time and with new growth this ‘Constitution and By-Laws’ doctrine is inevitable for amendments, reproof, and corrections. This ministry shall demonstrate His spirit through respect as we study, be mindful of the rules presented, and implement changes as needed. Once the Constitution and By-Laws have been adopted and approved by the members, the rules shall be followed through with reverence and by the Gospel of Christ. The church beliefs it’s evangelical Christian faith to maintain, worship God, and to inspire in all a love for Christ. This ministry shall show a passionate for what is right and be conscious to perform duties to God and the church family. Timothy 3:16-17

Pastor Travien Capers

Deaconess Ministry

Make preparations for baptism and communion. Also assists the Pastor and Deacons in whatever capacity may be needed.

Deaconess Rebecca Steed

Deacons Ministry

Assist the pastor with spiritual growth.

Deacon Frank Jones

Drama Ministry

Trustee Bertha Jones

Finance Ministry

Accountable for the finances of the church.

Trustee Lever Thompson

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

To serve as a prayer support system for our Church, our families and for people throughout the world. We believe there is power when we come together on behalf of others, praying and believing that God will do all that He has said He would do. We study the scriptures to know what God said He would do and are therefore better able to stand, trusting in His promises.

Deacon Harry Thompson zbbcprayer@hotmail.com

Kitchen Ministry

Sister Ora Bell Green

Lydia Circle Ministry

Responsible for embellishment of the pulpit and donate food baskets during Thanksgiving.

Sister Felicia Robinson

Men's Ministry

Annualy coordinates the celebration to honor males in the church.

Deacon James Randolph

Missionary Minsitry

An outreach ministry that ministers to the incapacitated and visit's the assisted living facilities. The importance of taking a team approach in order to make a difference in the lives of others and encouraging and edifying.

Evangelist Ann Jones

Musical Choir

To minister to Zion Benevolent Church in a sacred musical capacity,also to give service when and where needed to the church and communities.

Sister Yolanda Brown


To be attentative to the need of others and to do service where possible in meeting the needs of the church family and communities.

Sister Helen Brown

Praise & Worship Ministry

The Praise and Worship Ministry’s mission is “to minister through songs, giving God the praise, serving the church and the community.”

Sister Nadine Taylor

Program Ministry

Responsible for typing, printing, and editing church programs or special occasions.

Trustee Harry Jones

Public Relations Ministry

Informs the public of announcements pertaining to any functions that is associated with the church.

Sister Jessica Robinson

Sunday School Ministry

Consist of a superintendent who works religiously with instructors to organize lessons and enriches the lives of the members in order to learn and study God's Word each Sunday.

Sister Loretta Jenkins

Tape Ministry

Records church services or special events, which can be purchase by means of cassettes, CDs, and DVDs, immediately after service. Tapes are given to the sick and shut-in members as requested.

Trustee Harry Jones

Trustee Ministry

Responsible for the finances, interior and exterior maintenance of the church.

Trustee Harry Jones

Usher's Ministry

Doorkeepers who are responsible for greeting, seating, collecting tithes & offerings and assisting to reasonable needs.

Sister Rosa Johnson

Women's Ministry

The Mission of ZBBC Women's Ministry is to promote discipleship through Christian Fellowship among women of all ages within the church and surrounding communities as we grow in Spiritual Knowledge, Physical Wellness and Emotional Well-being.

Sister Angela Brown-Shell

ZBBC Praise Dancers

The Praise Dance Ministry’s mission is “to spiritually save & uplift souls through music and creative movement.”

Sister Ella Sumter

ZBBC Senior Choir

The purpose of the Senior Choir is to save souls through song during the offertory period on the first, second and fourth Sundays of each month, as well as during revival season June-September.

Trustee Thomas Randolph